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This was an old neglected garden with a structure provided by many mature plantings.   It was refurbished and restored .

Wagoner Residence Before and After


The high trees provided a structure, but they blocked much of the light needed for a lawn.   Before any construction was undertaken the canopy was thinned. The new lawn unified the landscape. A low customized seat wall was constructed to define the planting area around the palms which curves around and dovetails into the hill.

The ancient fish pond was cleaned and a modern fountain was installed with an Italian terra cotta sphere, and a special UV water filter which controls the algae. Drought tolerant succulents  were arranged around the palms on the sunny side.  Shade tolerant plants were planted on the other  .   This is a “green” garden with many different textures and shades of green and a limited use of color.

Rejuvenate  •  Reuse  •  Restore

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